Two Seater

A work horse of durability like our singler-seater, with a width of 54”, the widest in the industry.

A true two-seater with a width of 54”, Shaller’s two-seater gas GoKart is the widest in the industry. It is a workhorse like the single-seater. Engineered to be tough and durable, and a fun ride. The driver should be a minimum of 16 years old and possess a valid driver’s license. The passenger should be a minimum of three years old and at least 36” in height.  The maximum weight capacity for both riders should not exceed 500 pounds.

9.0 HP Honda GX-270 with silent muffler

36mm wide, 8mm pitch, Synchronous Belt

54″W x 86 1/2″L X 45 1/4″H​

606 lbs.​

Heavy duty steel, 5″ 3-hole​

12 x 4.00-5 (extra thick tread) slick​

Twin 6″ shoe-and-drum type

Padded Naugahyde® upholstered seats – Choice of 6 colors

​Steering Wheel
Heavy duty cast aluminum​

Steel tubing (.120″ wall) MIG welded in jigs

​Finish on Frame
Special powder coating is baked at 425° F – Choice of 4 colors​

2-piece .360″ x 4″ spring steel, perimeter design​

Crotch pad on steering column support and steering pad on butterfly steering wheels​

​Shoulder Harnesses
Two 4-point padded harnesses, automotive quality​

​Low Center of Gravity
The bottom of the chassis is well below the center​ of the wheels to prevent tipping​

​Roll Bar
Combination headrest/roll bar/seat back which is integral with frame

​Location of Driver
The driver is located on the right to help balance the weight of the kart

​Passenger Steering Wheel
Provides additional support of the passenger

Provides additional protection from wheels