Imagine…GoKarts Manufactured in Texas, U.S.A.

We were recently asked to record a video as part of our participation in the 2019 F2FEC Entertainment Conference focusing on the word “Imagine.” As in, how do we use our imagination as part of our business, and in our lives?

There are lots of cliché answers to this question. But that would be too easy.

In asking ourselves, how do we use our imagination, we think of a few things we do each day at Shaller GoKarts, and at our own manufacturing facility.  We take raw steel and imagine all the different GoKart products that can be produced from that raw steel. We perpetually ask ourselves tough questions, forcing us to use our imagination. For instance, how do we take GoKart manufacturing to the highest level? How do we manufacture the safest and most durable Karts from this steel? How do we push the envelope on innovation, to create highest-performing Karts? How can we produce European-style fast racing Karts out of this steel? And how do we imagine we can do all of this, in a small, rural Texas town?”

Those are the questions we force ourselves to answer…how has Shaller managed to build the strongest GoKart brand in the last 38 years, from the middle of a small industrial Texas town? Imagine that. Well, we do. Each-and-every day, our team imagines ways to get better, to improve, to innovate.

In many ways, our small town is the perfect place to imagine the next generation of concession GoKarts. You see, Shaller is a company full of proud GoKart artisans, with decades of experience perfecting the art of building the best gas and electric GoKarts in the world. Our Karts aren’t just built with engineering prowess. They’re also built Texas-tough.

Texans just don’t settle. It wouldn’t be enough for our workers to just buy a bucket of parts and bolt them together. They’d rather build Karts from imagination, from scratch, by hand, with plasma cut precision parts, and from our own welded-steel chassis.

And in Texas, we don’t like gimmicks. Shaller GoKarts don’t talk to you or have tons of bells and whistles. We build Karts for owners and entrepreneurs that want true dependability and performance.

Most recently, we released the first U.S. manufactured European-style GoKart, built to stand up to demanding U.S. drivers. These new Karts are manufactured in our Texas facility to be great looking but tough.

So……. we had to call our new European-style Kart, “The Maverick.”

As we look across our factory doors into the neighboring fields, we realize, that we imagined ourselves right to the top of the GoKart manufacturing industry. Our imagination is leading us to be the best.

At one point in its deepest history, Schulenberg, Texas was known for its dance halls and painted churches. Now, it is known for Shaller GoKarts.

Imagine that!

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