Shaller Go Karts

Over the last 38 years, Shaller Go Karts have become the #1 provider and manufacturer of concession Go Karts in the USA. Shaller continues to lead the Go Kart industry in reliable innovation. We design and manufacture gas and electric go karts in Texas, USA.

Shaller has built over 12,000 Go Karts, with customers in 47 States and Puerto Rico, and in many countries outside of the USA, including Brazil, Canada, Chile, Dominican Republic, New Zealand, Korea, and the United Kingdom.

Shaller Go Karts have a reputation for high performance, responsive handling, superior quality, longevity, and ultra-low maintenance. We have 11 different models (Gas and Electric) to select from. Be on the lookout for new Shaller GoKart models.

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Customer Testimonials

Jungle Rapids has been a customer of Shaller go-karts for over twenty years, I find the karts to be very dependable and safe.

Bob Rippy

President - Jungle Rapids

Through quality workmanship and a nice design, Shaller provides a great looking, well-built and durable go-kart. We greatly appreciate your support and service over the years

Roger A. McKelvie

Vice President - Celebration Station

“Over the 13 years we’ve been in business, Asheville’s Fun Depot has used several brands of go-carts. Our GoKarts track is rough, and can beat up the GoKarts. As a result, we made the move to SHALLER, and have been very impressed with the way these GoKarts are built. They—like the company—are solid, fast and easy to work on. We are proud to have SHALLER carts on our track.”

Daniel Day

Fun Depot

We have been using Shaller GoKarts for over 20-years, and that’s HUGE!! We are happy with their product and their customer service. We are a satisfied and LOYAL customer!

John Arie Jr

COO - Fun Spot America Theme Parks

If you want a durable kart that will stand up through the seasons and a team that stands behind their product, BUY SHALLER KARTS!

Mike Roeder

Partner at “The Track”